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Re: tire size

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: February 18, 2003


Jeff; I have a '47 De Soto which has neaver had the much newer styled radials on it. For the past four years I wanted to up-date the tires. The tires that were on it were oversized any ole way since in S. Dak they needed the car to clear the center mound from the ruts of the gravel roads. I just took the spare tire down to the local tire shop and asked if they could match the tire/wheel combo with the radials. ( I've been driving this car with 1950 styled tire numbers on the sidewalls.) The assy was given to a new recuite and in less than 15 minutes I was shown a radial that matched the when dirt was new tire. I did it this way because when I called they ( two differant stores) had no sure size of the tire to be. I'm not worried about the width of the WW 'cause in that era only Le Baron's (Imperials) came with WW's from the factory. For all others WW's were an extra cost item. Rodger


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