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354 hemi advice needed

From: jason pitman
Remote Name:
Date: February 18, 2003


There is a local 354 industrial engine up for grabs. It is an IND 56 but it is missing the harmonic balancer,fan blade, coil,coil bracket,dist cap, rotor, radiator and generator. The engine has been dry for three years. I am told that is was running 5 years ago.It spins freely by hand and the oil is clean on the dipstick.It is a 6 volt system and also is converted to run propane.It is inside a pump shed and fairly protected from the weather. I want to make an offer for this unit but do not know what to offer. If I do not use it, I would like to sell it for a small profit.I am more interested in saving it from the scrap pile. Any suggestions are appreciated! Jason


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