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Re: goldentone by chrysler radio info???

From: Norm P.
Remote Name:
Date: February 19, 2003


The 60-61 radios are a direct interchange, as they have the chrome bezel built on the radio. The 62's have a center face that sticks out thru the chrome bezel thats part of the dash trim. I have put a 61 radio in my 62, but I had to trim the bezel opening to allow it to fit. The white wire with red connector is for the 250 volt ac that opperates the electroluminesent display. The high voltage goes to a copper-looking spark plate that is not a direct ground, but like a capacitor it filters out noise in the supply voltage. The display and pointer glow with this floresent-like glow when the high voltage is applied. The 12 volt power is the other single lead from the rear of the chassis. Ground is of course thru the case.


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