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315 Poly exhaust manifold: POR15, weld or replace?

From: Boondox
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Date: February 20, 2003


The passenger side exhaust manifold on a 57 D-100 I recently purchased has been cracked and rewelded so many times it's shot. It's the side with the cast-in bracket for the generator to mount to. I found one in an Arizona junkyard, but it has a minor crack that will only grow with time. For 4x more $$$ I can buy one that has been magnafluxed and guaranteed perfect, but that's a lot of money. Judging from the look of the old one, welding isn't all that effective. Has anybody had success with the POR-15 manifold repair kit? It's a ceramic/stainless putty with some give to allow for expansion. Waste of money or ..? Pete


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