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Re: pot metal chrome ?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: February 26, 2003


If I were you I would buy an issue of "Hemmings Motor News" and start leafing through the pages in there... I will tell you this though. Be very cautious of the cheaper places that will do it for a song. The pot metal is the most likely chrome on your car to be troublesome in respect to future re-pitting/peeling. I would stick to places that say in their ads that they specialize in that specific type of pot metal chrome re-plating. It can be very expensive, and tedious work for these chrome shops, and that will inevitably translate into you spending a bit more money for the job you want. However, that's there job and they should be damn good at it. Also get the best warrantee that your money will buy you. You'll be glad you did.....Good luck..... Bill


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