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Re: 57 plymourh dashboard paint and power steeringwheel

From: Tony
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Date: February 28, 2003


Kjell, I had a job as a painter in the 80's where occasionally, I had to spray texture on steel panels for the electronics industry. The technique is very simple, a very small amount of reducer is added to the paint and the paint is applied with low air pressure. This can only be done with a pressurized paint sprayer, a siphon cup will not work. When you test the spray, if the texture is to big you increase the air pressure. If you can't get the texture to the right size, then you add more reducer. The trick is to keep the air pressure low, too much pressure will give an orange peel texture. Once you have the right texture, you need to bake the sample at 350 degrees Farenheit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once you have the right texture, then paint the dash board. The best paint is lacquer, it will have the low sheen that you are looking for. Page 440 of the 57-58 Plymouth service manual has DL-9000 Jet Black for the instrument panel. This is a Ditzler code, and Ditzler is a division of PPG industries in the US. The manual also lists a clear top coat, DX-1550 (also Ditzler). Ask any of the paint suppliers to body shops in Norway if lacquer is still available. My PPG supplier doesn't stock lacquer but it's still available. I can't help you with the wheel, email me if you have any questions. Tony


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