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Body to frame, Whats holding it together?

From: Rich
Remote Name:
Date: March 04, 2003


This may sound dumb but what holds the body to the frame? I am currently working on replacing the trunk pans on a 59 Saratoga. They are cut out, new ones dry fitted. I was planning to finish the resto I started ten years ago (actually redoing most of it) but got to thinking that when I cut the floorpans out there were no body mounts that were existing or put back in. the only ones I have noticed at all are in the trunk. When I bought the car the seat was actually thru the floorpans resting on the frame. I welded an angle to the frame for the seats is this whats holding the body on? The car needs a great deal of work and am wondering if I might be better off finding another in better condition or parting the car out. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks Rich.


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