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Re: Body to frame, Whats holding it together?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: March 04, 2003


I would never dicourage a dream. However, have you ever did a market price check on your car? There is a price checker on that is pretty good, in respect to the overall market value of your car... The one thing that you have to look at is, does this particular car have the finished value to warrant a full out restoration, like the one that you are planning with this car? Secondly, if the rust out is so bad, will this car be worth its market value once it is complete? Rust is very hard to repair. Especially if it consistant through the whole car. Take a good honest look at what you got, and make a fair analysis of the overall project. See if the car that you have is truely worth the stretch. And to answer your question about frame mounts. Yes, there should be frame mounts in the trunk, and floor area. If that helps you at all... Good luck


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