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Re: forwawdrlook find of my life.

From: Dave L.
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Date: March 07, 2003


We'll see, and not that my opinion matters, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Can't blame Mr. alum and others for chompin at the bit though. And maybe calling it a fake is a good way to get some more info out of him. But If I found something neat, I would want to share it with those who would be interested - and that would be the folks here. He didn't say he was not ever going to provide us any information - he did say he'd keep us posted, so we'll see, and I look forward to that. I wish him luck, and hope there's something left for us. There are still plenty of these un-dicovered personal wrecking yards out there. His description wasn't that pie-in-the-sky. I personally would have waited until I picked what I wanted, then told people, but it would be hard for me to keep secret, too - I'd just want to tell someone. However, I personally wouldn't have thought skin color of the owners relevant enough to include in my post.


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