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Re: 1960 power pack 318

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: March 10, 2003


Hello. Dealer installed chrome valve cover sets were available from the late 50's to the late sixties and maybe even beyond. I believe Ma Mopar subbed these out to Edelbrock given their non-Mopar part number of E8091M. They listed for $15.20 each. The power pack was also available for the same period of years dealer installed (your choice of single or dual four barrel carbs). The dealer setup can easily be spotted as the use a single oval airfilter of the '58-'62 dual four variety. A factory set up would have a normal large round air cleaner with a cylindrical air inlet as opposed to the 2bbl flat oval inlet. Want to hear something rediculous? Our beloved oval air cleaners were going for $15.25 ea. in '68. Edelbrock also made finned aluminum valve covers for a 318. If you find a set, be prepared to drop a good $400 for them. As to your superpack option, they were available but few and far between. I believe they just offered a 2bbl after late '61. Hope this helps. Talk with you later. Take Care- Frank.


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