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Re: Need RUST KILLING SOLUTION to apply to rust spots and inner r...

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: March 10, 2003


Hi Milt, it's Billy Jack here. Up here in Canada we are very familiar with what rust can do to a vehicles body, as they very liberally apply salt to our roads every winter. And as you already know once rust has started on a vehicles body, even if it is minute in proportion, if untouched will result in rust through. And that is a certainty. Although there are many rust inhibitors on the market today, I have found from personal experience that nothing works better and longer than oil. Now, when I say oil, I don't mean engine grade oil. What I have used for many years up here in the snowy north is Chainsaw bar oil. I perfer the spring and summer variety, as it is much more viscous and sticky than the winter grade. I tell you this, because more often than not we as auto restorers/owners don't want to bring our car into a shop, and allow somebody to ram a spray rod up into the underside of our car/trucks panels. I have personally seen damage done to everyday cars with this method (i.e. panels dented from the inside). However, it's noble just the same for any car owner to try their best to perserve the body on their car. What I do is I buy the chainsaw bar oil by the one gallon jug.. I then buy 1 or 2 tubes of basic industrial grade grease, much the same as you would use in your home shop grease gun. Then I take an old pot, and put the whole tube(s) of grease in the pot. I heat it up using a coleman propane stove,(my wife doesn't really like the smell of protroleum based products in her house) until the grease has melted completely. Then, I add the chainsaw bar oil to the melted grease.(Always maintain a safe consistent low temperature, as heating the oil too fast and hot, can be dangerous). I heat it up until it has thinned out enough to pass through an oil gaurd/undercoating gun.(about 5 mins). The chainsaw bar oil/grease mixture will spray out of your undercoating gun beautifully, and once it has cooled it sticks like corn syrup. I like to do my car once a year, usually around fall before I lay it up for the winter. this is just to ensure that oil is always present on the underside of the car. The nice part is, as you are spraying the oil, being that it is warm from you heating it up, it seeps into all the little cracks, and spots that some over the counter rust inhibitors can't. Also it's cheap. You can do your whole car for around $10.00. Try to beat that. I haven't seen a rust proofing system yet that you could appy just once and never have to do it ever again. This like most other systems, is no different. However, you can do it right in your back yard, and at half the cost, without having to shop around... Good luck! I should mention that there is some dripage after the application(depending on how much grease you add to the mixture). So what I always do is lay an old blue tarp under the car before I start to undercoat it, just so I catch all of the oil, before it hits the ground(less messy that way). 30 mins later your car should be fine to take for a cruise...Works for me!


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