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Plymouth PowerPaks

From: Bob O.
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Date: March 10, 2003


Frank: The reason I ask is because I was wondering if you could clarify what you wrote and where you found it, and which Mopars it was referring to, because I'm definitely interested in any documented information on this subject. Here is the documented stuff I've seen on PowerPaks. First a site with the PowerPak and other dealer options for 1958: Look for #372 Power Pak option "available for all V8 engines". Option #374 is the 350 High Performance engine option which includes dual fours, and is a separate option from the Power Pak. (note #375 which is the famous Bendix EFI) As to the cam, in my 1957 shop manual and 1960 shop manual, a different cam is listed for 4 and 2 barrel carbs (not so for the 1963 manual). In 1957 there is a SuperPak option rather than a PowerPak listed, but no mention of what is included, although it is listed as available on the 301 and 318 engines, and gives them 20 and 25 extra hp respectively, so I believe it's just the same deal with a WCFB instead of an AFB. There is also a Fury 318 listed at 290hp for 1957, which is obviously the dual quad configuration. Finally I own a 1961 Canadian 313 with Power Pak as original equipment and it has a single AFB and a dual exhaust system too. I know that at some stage Dodge started to use the same 318 poly as Plymouth.... does anyone have anything DOCUMENTED on this, and on the PowerPak option in ANYTHING apart from a FORD!! There is a road test of a 1960 Dart ( ) which lists the exact same performance figures (hp and torque at same rpm's) as my 1960 Plymouth, so I imagine it must have been by then. But no mention of the word PowerPak in that road test article.


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