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Re: Plymouth PowerPaks

From: Paul D. Hoffmeyer
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Date: March 10, 2003


Bob, the Power Pack always included dual exhaust systems along with the four barrel carb. On the 318 it was rated at either 255 or 260 hp; I've seen both figures. In '59 Dodge used a .040" over bored Plymouth Poly called a 326. This was the only one in cars to use hydraulic lifters; some heavy duty truck 318-3's had hydraulics, also. The 318 with solids was then used by both Ply and Dodge from '60 til the end of the run in cars in '66. Any difference in cams for the Power Pack would be slight, if any. This info comes from memory and old Hot Rod Magazine articles from that era. Truck 318s were all 2 bbl and rated at 200 hp, for the most part. Probably lower compression and cammed for low end torque.


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