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From: Gannon N. Friday
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Date: March 11, 2003


Yeah, but do you have this in Horse's Mouth form? I don't know about you, but my memory is LOUSY. I've often heard it said that there was just one poly cam, when certainly there were at least two. I am sure of the two 1960 Plymouth cams because as I write I have the 1960 factory manual open in front of me at page 28 of the engine section "Valve Timing 2 barrel" and "Valve Timing 4 barrel". As to slight difference, that depends on perspective I guess: for the 4 barrel as opposed to the 2 barrel, intake opens 4 degrees later, closes 8 degrees later. Exhaust opens 4 degrees later, closes 8 degrees later. You're right that the duration difference is only 4 degrees (248 versus 244 degrees), but the timing is significantly different (now, does that just mean it's on a couple links later on the timing chain?), and the lobe angle I have "heard described" as much steeper, although I don't have any data on that myself. I have an old posting from someone who says he did degree a 4 barrel cam, and it came out to 226 degrees at 0.050" lift, with max lift @ 0.45". Now that's a pretty healthy cam, I'd have thought. If anyone has in their possession any original Mopar literature that discusses the PowerPak or SuperPak, or different cams I wish they'd inform me of it. There's all kinds of interesting stuff in people's book shelves, and what's the point of hoarding this stuff then dying and having your widow or grandkids pile it in the dumpster when there may be unique information there? Send it to me, and I'll use it for my forthcoming book "The Poly Engine: A Cinderella Story of the Automotive World". I've already had an approach from Spielberg for the movie rights (Bart Spielberg my neighbor's kid who just got a digital camcorder for his birthday. His Dad has agreed to play Virgil.)


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