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Re: 1960 power pack 318

From: Jeffc
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Date: March 11, 2003


I did a lot of looking at the poly engines in the early year some time back, the highest lift cam I found was a .32 lift in the late 50s, lift ranges ran from around .28 to .32. in the 50s to end of run in 66 (67 in Canadia) The 2x4 57/58 poly had one of these cams, was decked blocked to raise compression to 9.5 to one, duel ex. with X pipe, to get the 290hp rate, other wise it was a stock built engine. Highest lift in the early 60s I found was in .29 area. If you want cams for these poly engines, call Neilson Cams for NEW cams, not regrinds at a fair price 800-341-2267 they also carry other poly parts..... Jeffc


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