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SEVEN Plymouth POLYSPHERICAL V8 engine options for 1957

From: Bob O.
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Date: March 11, 2003


Over breakfast this morning I started to go through my 1957 Plymouth "export" factory manual in detail. It has a lot more information listed than the "domestic" version. It lists seven engine options for cars (no trucks mentioned), which I'll give with capacity in c.i. and their listed hp. #1.P31-277-197HP #2. P31-301-215HP #3. P31(SuperPak)-301-235HP #4. P31(V-800 Fury dual quad)-318-290HP #5. LP2-318-225HP #6. LP2(SuperPak)-318-250HP #7. LP2(V-800 Fury dual quad)-318-290HP There are 4 different camshafts listed among these cars (256/256, 240/240, 244/244, and 260/252.... guess which the last one is for!) and I drew up a table of all the cam opening/closing values and durations, plus CR, HP and torque for all the designations above if anyone is interested. What I haven't done is relate these options to the different distributors and timing curves that are also listed in detail in the book. By this time my wife was looking a little put out that I hadn't said a word to her over breakfast!


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