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forwardlook find of my lifetime...IN MY DEFENSE...EVERYONE read !!!!!

From: brandon
Remote Name:
Date: March 11, 2003


to everyone who drilled me for my post, here are my replies to your questions and statements. of MOST importance. pls. dont think that becasue i mentioned the man's skin color that i am a bigot, i was just giving you a mental picture of this man! to those who thought it their place to discredit me by saying there are no cars!!! well, as soon as i can, i WILL have pictures for you!!! and the reason, Alum.... that i posted, was NOT to place an ad for the cars!!! it was because i know that there are a large collection of forwardlook fans here, and i thought, MAYBE that you guys might like to know about this awesome find i had made, and that (God Forbid) you guys MIGHT be happy for me! you guys dont have any place getting on me lke you did, it was completely unjustified, and for those who emailed me in a civil manner, thanks, and i will keep those email addresses for when i get the cars, and start selling the parts. There are some of you that, after what you just said to me...would have to talk real hard to get me to sell something to you....dont understadn why you always gotta be putting somebody down! Brandon


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