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Re: forwardlook find of my lifetime...IN MY DEFENSE...EVERYON...

From: Dave L.
Remote Name:
Date: March 11, 2003


Not to beat this into the ground, and with all due respect, I believe it is also up the the reader not to read something into a post that isn't there. Unlike the spoken word and even in writing, when we know the individual, emails and posting leave so much out. I'd bet if we all met in one big room (scary thought!) we'd all be completely different from what we appear on-line. Aside from the description of the yard owner which I felt was unnecessary, I, for example, saw nothing at all provocative in the initial post. The way I read it, Brandon gave a description of his initial exiting find, then ended by promising "Anyway, i will keep you updated when i find out more. Just had to let someone in on this..." So far I saw nothing wrong. Then in his follow-up, he explained that it was a private collection and explained why he couldn't, and adding that surely we would understand why he would not give any information out at the time. It's not my place to defend or explain, but I just wanted to point out, as further evidence of the limitations of a message board, that I could not find anything wrong (other than the one item I mentioned earlier) with his post. I couldn't find how he brought all this on himself. I know you wish no ill will towards Brandon either, but we still come away with 180-degree (or at least 90-degree) differing takes on the same post. Oh well, I guess mileage varies with all of us. It would be a pretty boring message board if we all thought the same. But I lean toward the side of giving Brandon a break. Also wouldn't mind if the moderator deleted my ramblings all together.


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