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Re: an old commercial...

From: my two "sense"
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Date: March 11, 2003


When I was younger there was a commercial where this little boy was in a boat fishing with his grandfather. He tells his grandpa, "Joey thinks I'm prejudiced" to which the grandfather replies, "who is Joey?". The boy then responds, "He's my jewish friend from school." - - - The point here is that if it was an older white guy I highly doubt you would've said, "this old white guy that collects junk", but you did identify that he was black as if that had some relevance to the issue...and that's what sets people off. My brother in law isn't the same race as my sister, but I never refer to him as "my black brother in law". See what I mean? Painting a "mental image" doesn't change the point of the message, does it? Perhaps if you merely saw him as "an old guy" you could have avoided this whole mess, eh?


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