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Quarter Panels

From: Joe Mac
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Date: March 11, 2003


Greetings, I just took the cover off a crate from Metalcrafters and had one of my wishes come true. There are quality lower rear quarter panels being reproduced for '57-'59 Chryslers, DeSotos and Dodges. This is not the first post on this subject. Some of the previous said that the production had stopped, others that the quarters were not correct for Dodges. I can tell you that I held the metal in my hands minutes ago against the side of my '58 Regal Lancer and it was a perfect fit. No, they're not cheap, but let's not beat that horse again. Actually, at $300/set (Chrysler 300 Club price) plus crating and shipping ($240 coast to coast) they're not a bad deal. The point is, if you want them they are available and they are good quality. I'd like to thank the Chrysler 300 Club and the DeSoto Club (who I believe contributed) for making this a reality.


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