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Re: Two 318 V800 options

From: Bob O.
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Date: March 11, 2003


It might not be a typo, I guess. The two do differ in torque (P31=325@4000rpm and LP2=330@3600) which is unlikely to be a typo, and then hp for both is 290, but in the P31@5400 and the LP2@5200. Butthe cam figures are IO(BTDC)/IC(ABDC)/EO(BBDC)/EC(ATDC) listed as P31=17/59/55/21 and LP2=21/59/55/17 Both have same CR =9.25:1. Don't know about country of origin, which is a possiblity and not listed. It intrigues me that 3 if not 4 different cams were available in what is essentially one engine.


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