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"Richard Craniums" (you know what I mean!)

From: alumcan
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Date: March 12, 2003


If any of you wanna go cryin', piss 'n moaning, like a bunch of grade school girls to "Fearless Leader" about this 'off topic' post, then, have at it! He told me something last night, that totaly tourqued my 'gonads'! That there were some (sphincters) that turned him into PayPal for FRAUD over these calanders! Not proper business! Proper business, my $%%! There is NO business to these calanders! Dave is doing this mostly as a FAVOR to you all, and especially to those who can brag that their car is pictured on a calander! Are you proud of youself now that you think you must have done the proper thing, by calling the PayPal 'cops' for fraud! What fraud!?Geeze! You people (that turned him in) must be so ugly that your hair has to hurt! Right now Dave has enough problems (personal and FwdLk) without something like 'this' on his mind. His statement over in the 'pipe' section, about just giving up (less stress) and shutting everything down,,,,. There ought to be some show of support,,,, but I gather that there are those here that think their noses are jamed higher in the air than others, and should be exempt from any kind of outward show of support! So there, I've said my piece!


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