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Re: Disk Brakes, '58 Plymouth Fury

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: March 12, 2003


To tell you the truth, this question has been posted on this web site a lot of times.. In fact this is the place where I got the info to convert my 1958 Plymouth to disc brakes.. Well here goes! There's a few different stock spindle applications that will swap into your Fury. A 1979 Chrysler Lebaron would do the trick, as the spindles will interchange with your car nicely. The set that I got for my 58 Belvedere were out of a 1985 Chrysler 5th Avenue. They swapped in just fine, without any major mods. You can also use your stock rims with these rotors. The only differences that I encountered was with the overall turning radius. you will inevitably lose a little of that in the conversion. Don't sweat it though. No big deal there, as it isn't a whole heck of a lot. The second thing that you'll have to do to get these spindles to work properly in your Fury, is cut about 1 inch off each tie rod adjuster. You'll know what I mean, once you have the new spindles/rotors in place. This has to be done to facilitate proper front end allignment later. The rest is cake. Of course you'll have to measure up a set of brake flex/presure hoses per this appilication. Although it doesn't come in a ready to install box, it worked fine for me as I logged nearly 2500 miles my first year with the new disc brakes, without a trace of tire wear. Also it'll save you a big bundle... Once you have the new disc brakes installed, the next step before you can take it out for that first cruise with the new skidders is fit it with a dual line master cylinder. Then your ready for the allignment shop.


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