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Re: We all need to get behind Dave

From: jimmy
Remote Name:
Date: March 12, 2003


Wow, what a way to reward somebody who has done nothing but worked his a** off to give those of us who have the mopar bug an opportunity to connect. Dave, my hat is off to ya dude. It must take a lot of patience and love to keep putting up with a few snooty poot chumps who would do something as low as report you for gathering mere pennies to keep this website up. Well, guess what? this has prompted me to order my damn calendar and I'll make an extra donation too. As for the IGNORAMUS' that reported Dave, may your floor boards fall out of your MOPAR with you sitting in the drivers seat while at a car show. Even worse, may you awaken one morning and the fins on your Mopar have decided to pack up and go leaving you with nothing but ugly nubs on your rear fenders as a punishment for life. Keep up the good work Dave. There are a few of us who support you, bud.


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