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Re: "Richard Craniums" (you know what I mean!)

From: Jim Helm
Remote Name:
Date: March 12, 2003


Ya' know what? For once you are right. Dave deserves a lot of our thanks and support for his selfless effort in creating and hosting this website. And it really is too bad that someone feels the need to complain about late calendar deliveries when Dave is doing that project as a favor to the group. But it sure seems odd that the people (both of you) who create the most trouble on this site and cause the most frustration for Dave are the ones crying foul. It's just like you're lying in wait for someone to say or do somrthing here that you feel vindicates your attempts to turn this site into your private, self-serving, and usually vulgar little chat room. I believe that there are a lot of people like me who really appreciate this "forward look" website and the related exchange of information and material that takes place here. It would sure make Dave's plight easier if everyone stuck to the intended use of the site and used proper ettiquette and good taste when using it! Sorry in advance for the "off-topic" submittal.


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