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Re: AAJ, right on the Forward Look Homepage, for one!

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: March 13, 2003


I agree, Daven.. However, for those shade tree mechanics out there who don't mind putting up with a little grease under our finger nails. I felt they would like to be aware of all of the avenues in which to do this conversion. For me personally, there is no way I would have saved any money with the AAJ kit.. Although, it is superior in its nature as opposed to the old "F body" spindle swap that you refered to. Anyone one with all of thier marbles wouldn't argue that. It is however, a lot less expensive if you do the swap yourself ; that's including the cost of a front end allignment added to the job. For me it was even more so if you have to contend with a weak Canadian dollar, such as I do.. The reason that I posted the comment related to the old spindle swap was, anyone that who asks that type of question on here, based on the fact that it has been asked so many times, is either unaware that they can check the archive disscussions for thier answer, or must be looking for an alternate path. Not to mention that the AAJ kit is very loudly advertised at the top of this web site. Heck, even when I was doing my disc brake swap, I noticed, and first priced the AAJ kit, but instead opted for the cheaper F body spindle swap. Saved me big time... And as for the drivability. I stated quite clearly that you do lose a bit of your turning radius, and there is a few other minor differences that you have to contend with. With that said, my car drives and handles as it ever did, with the exception of the miniscule loss in the turning radius.. For the faint of heart though, the old F body spindle swap isn't for everyone. In that case, the AAJ kit would be just the ticket. However, the F body spindle swap does work quite well, and makes the car a heck of a lot safer all around! Furthermore, I don't feel that a person is ill advised in knowing that there is an alternative to the AAJ kit. Instead, I feel that it is to everyones benefit out there if they are aware of all the routes in which to do this conversion. No matter how you slice it, no one will argue that the car is that much safer because of it. I was just trying to save a fellow forward looker a few bucks.. I know I appreciated it.


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