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Being a webmaster is a thankless, time consuming, and real pain in the butt...

From: Anonymous
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Date: March 13, 2003


So why do we do it? I run another Mopar site and I've been having the same "problems" as what seems to be cropping up here. Its called "Cabin Fever" and its a virus that has no immediate cure. Like any good virus, it spreads like wildfire. infecting all that it touches. The symptoms are feverish postings, cold shoulders, and sweaty clenched fists. The only treatment is time and patience. Why do we create Mopar websites? I know im speaking sortof on my own behalf but I think I know what Dave is going thru lately with what has been happening on the board, even though I don't think we have ever spoken nor met. I'm not even a regular post'r on this site (I'm more mailing list guy). Why do we do it? Because we love our cars. We love the bringing together of friendships that can be made from people whom we have never met or probably will ever meet..just because we share the same interests. The fact that someone in Norway can get advice from a guy on the other side of the world is pretty great. And the reason they 'meet' is because of the love of a car..and the place they meet is here. On the internet, in a little place called FWDLK. Im proud to bring these people together on my little site, and im sure Dave is just as proud as I am with FWDLK. But it's really a thankless job. Sure we get an occasional word of praise or a pat on the back, but if I weighed the complaints versus the thanks, the complaints would win. Its always easier to complain. So Dave my advice to you would be to cover your ears for now, and continue on. Hell, its worked for me so far! I think they call that blind faith. Pretty soon the weather will be getting warmer, everyone will able to get behind the wheel, or able to pick up that wrench without fear of it freezin to their skin, and get back to their mopars! Cabin fever does go away. I think the prescription reads "Take Four Barrells and call me when dinners ready" Thank you Dave! Thank you for running this site! Take a bow, and a beer, you deserve it.


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