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I prefer C-body swaps, but the F can work reasonably well

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: March 13, 2003


My wagon is a C-body ('76 Gran Fury) swap. I prefer the C-body swap as the 65-78 C-body spindles are the same height as 57-61, so you can duplicate the geometry and turning circle. Of course this swap needs more parts modification than the F-body swap (and it can be done several ways, using different combinations of 57-61 and 65-78 parts). More caveats exist with C-body swaps, such as the earlier the donor car the more expensive the service parts will be (whereas F body service parts are more or less the same) and whatever you do don't use the '65-68 C-body Bendix front disc brakes, those have leaky calipers AND parts are HARDER to find than for original 57-61 drum brakes! Contrast that to 65-70 C-body front drums, which will fit the 57-61 spindle and this swap is a great idea to get a 57-61 back on the road at low cost and effort. So for those who want to D.I.Y. I would suggest finding a '70-'78 C-body ('74-'78 for cheaper service parts).


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