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Thanks to all for the comments below, and THE CALENDARS HAVE SHIPPED! =)

From: Dave Stragand
Remote Name:
Date: March 14, 2003


Hi All,

Thanks for all of the nice comments below, and especially for bearing with us on the long wait for the calendars. My girlfriend and I stayed up until 3 AM last night to get all of the envelopes stuffed and stamped.

Bear in mind that the shipping times may be all over the place... Recently sent envelopes of the same size and weight took over two weeks to arrive at some locations in the US, while the same piece to Great Britain took less than 48 hours. So if it doesn't arrive right away, please hang on until at least the 28th before hitting me with emails.

I have posted a "sent list" at .  If you ordered a calendar and do not see your name on this list, please drop me a line and let me know how/when you paid (i.e. paypal, check, money order, etc.) If you do see your name on that list, then your order was shipped this morning.

Thanks again for everyone who entered, voted, ordered, helped and supported to make this year's calendar a (belated) success!




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