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Re: True confession

From: alumcan
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Date: March 14, 2003


Whew! Sounds like you just confessed to being one of the 'whiners'! As Fearless Leader has put it, "keeps bothering me with trivial nonsence about what someone else is doing". Didn't Dave say, "that he doesn't understand why if something someone has said/written, bothers the other person, why are they reading/complaining what that someone has written"? Since some people feel that somewhere, sometime, someone, had appointed them Jeasus Christ's brother in law,,,,,,,,,,. The Exhaust Pipe section was ORIGINALLY intended, (years ago) for 'other, general, car non car, jokes, anything, (clean language) goes'. That is why it was named E-X-H-A-U-S-T, you know, hot gasses, expanding, out into the air,,,,,one differnt subject after another, general discussion on all subjects? Every other Mopar/vehicle related, site, has a 'general discussion' page. Hells Bells, some even have a 'porno, or ranchey joke section! I haven't seen/heard of one 'war' break out on them! But the 'whiners' sure came out in full force and bothered Fearless Leader when the 'Pipe' was tried to be used for it's intended purpose. Jimmy, are you saying that 'you' are one of the two 'whiners', or that 'I'm' one of the two that constantally bother Fearless Leader? Either way, (thank you for the compliment) WHO is number two? Enquiring minds want to know. I'm not in on this, but I've caught 'wind' of a rumor that there are side bets on just who this other person really is. Take care.


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