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Re: Did Sirhan Sirhan really drive a 55 Desoto?

From: Brad
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Date: March 14, 2003


Odd question, but it got me interested. A quick google search pulled the following two articles... from "Five feet two and 115 pounds, the bushy-haired Sirhan climbed into his beat-up, white and pink, two-door, 1956 DeSoto, placed his revolver in his car, and returned to Pasadena where he lived with his Jordanian mother, Mary, and two brothers, Adel and Munir." from "Nevertheless, Sirhan continued to hang out at the track, sometimes betting away his entire check on one or two races. The most money he purportedly owned at any one time was a $1,700 settlement check after falling off a horse. Of possessions, his only one was a 1956 DeSoto." So if you believe what you find here, we can assume it was a pink and white 2 door - hopefully that's enough to impress him into giving you an Adventurer! Hope that helps...


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