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Poly manifolds= Weiand or stock

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: March 14, 2003


First of all the 1957-66 "A" 277-301-318 is a polyspherical head design, using totally different cylinder heads than the 1967-up "LA" wedge head design. Interchanges between A and LA are limited to some parts inside the block (NOT camshafts or pistons). Polys must use manifolds designed for an "A" series poly-head engine. Weiand sells a new aluminum 4-barrel manifold for the poly engine. The Weiand is a single plane manifold, and a case can be made that a stock dual-plane 4-barrel poly manifold is likely a better manifold for a street driven car. However, it weighs much more than the Weiand AND you'd have to go to a little searching to FIND one! The dual-4 57-58 Fury type manifold is quite streetable with proper carburetor tuning, but the Weiand would be a LOT better for a regularly driven car! The dual-4 setup would require LOTS of tuning to get working right (and don't forget this manifold has WCFB carburetor bases, so you'd have to get AFB spacer adapters to use modern carbs on it), so I would say go single 4-barrel if at all possible!


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