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8 3/4 Rearend swap

From: Larry H.
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Date: March 15, 2003


I am in the process of swapping the rearend in my 60 Desoto Adventurer and thought I might share a little info that might be helpful. I am swapping from the stock tappered axle rear end to a 1972 Cuda rearend for the better brakes, but using the third member or center section from my original 60 Desoto rear end because I liked the gear ratio it had and it worked very well and was quite. Well I was reading some of the archived post here and it told about the thrust block (the piece that the two axles butt up against in the middle)in the old style center section being wider than that of the 65 and up center sections. Well I have found it to be exactly opposite. The thrust block in the '60 c.s.(center section) measures about 1.300 and the one in the '72 measures 1.490. So what this means is when you install the old style c.s. in a later model rear the axles will be to short. I tried this today, installed new axle bearings thinking I could just adjust the differnce out, but nooooooo. The axle bearing bottoms out and the adjuster is almost out of adjustablity and I still have .077 axle end play when it is suppoed to be .008-.018. So to solve this I have ordered the new style nonadjustable axle bearing that should solve all this. So now I have wasted a new set of bearings and seals for nothing to just have to do this again. I just thought I might share this with all of you so it may save someone else the trouble I have had. Hope this helps Larry 60 Desoto Adventurer 2dr


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