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Cutting Corners/Complete Original???

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: March 18, 2003


If you link to the page of the guy who did the restoration, you will notice the original? color of this car was RED. Now it is BLACK. Could be that this is an actual KD500 Lancer convertible, but my guess is that this guy had it redone to the rarest color scheme. So it doesn't match the body build tag (and therefore the factory bingo sheet). Where I can see that hours and $$$ were spent on making this most likely a better car than the plants put out in 1957, for $100K, you think you would want it ALL original spec? As for 1957 wiring, may be that the old harness was good. Depends on how/where the car was kept and driven/stored. But considering the tale of the reconstruction, I would suspect that the harness is brittle, and at least had to have sections replaced. A reproduction NORS version would be safer.


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