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Brake bleeding=insanity

From: Kelly
Email: 325
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Date: March 20, 2003


Hey guys, I completed the AAJ conversion on my dodge last week (hooray!) but the one thing that is keeping my rocket sidelined, is that I am going absolutely nuts trying to bleed the system! (I have the correct M/C, it is bled PROPERLY!) The headache I am getting, is that I am pumping the pedal, and there is NO action from the right rear wheel cylinder. When I did the AAJ kit, I replaced both rear wheel cylinders (next thing ya know, I won't have to use a puller to get those !~@##% drums off!), and I blew air down the rear line. I am getting fluid to the calipers, it just those rear brakes. Is my problem that the bone-dry rear line has more air volume to displace than the fluid I am pumping it with. I might have the car towed a brake shop that can power/pressure bleed the lines, but I have NEVER taken any of my cars to a mechanic to get them fixed, and I don't want to resort to that. Paying a mechanic to do that is more cost-effective than getting a bleeder and doing it myself, because noone rents those things out! Any suggestions? KELLY


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