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Re: Brake bleeding=insanity

From: Jamie
Remote Name:
Date: March 20, 2003


Is it possible that the rears have 1/4" line going to them, and the fronts only have 3/16"? But, even if that is the case, I would suspect that you'd just have poor pressure to the rears, instead of nothing at all. Sounds as though you may have just not gotten fluid to the rears yet. One thing you can try, and it sounds really dumb, but try opening the rear bleeders, jack the front of the car up as far as you can, and fill the master cylinder up. Then just leave it for the night, and check to see if you have fluid at the rears the next day. At least then you can try bleeding them, and you'll know that you've got fluid to the rears. Just my opinion......good luck!


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