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Re: does 383 intake fit on 318?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: March 20, 2003


To answer your question about whether a 383cid intake manifold would fit onto an 318cid Polyhead, the simple answer is no. The only intakes that will interchange with the Polyspherical 318cid is the 1957-1966, 277cid-301cid-, and Canadian 313cid, 'A' motors. Although there are a few cast iron Polyhead dual 4bbl intakes floating around out there, I would really consider getting a second opinion on that intake you presently have.. There's no doubt that they're rare in and of themselves, and it'd be a shame to throw one away based on a single opinion. Most people that cast quick opinions on old car parts, whether engine or otherwise, wouldn't know a rare part if one came up and smacked them in the head.. It may be possible to have that intake repaired if the crack is not too signifcant. I tell you this based in part, that the 318 cid Polyhead dual 4 bbl intake is fairly rare, and you didn't really say how bad the crack was. However, they're not impossible to find, so if that is the route you choose to follow, it's not an impossible one. In fact they do pop up from time to time on this web site, and occaisionally you'll see them in Hemming's Motor News. Furthermore, there is also the option of an aftermarket aluminum intake you could consider. However, I'm not to sure of the availability, or configurations, (Daven Anderson has considerable knowledge about this topic). The fact is, any good machine shop will be able to determine the fate of your intake manifold, honestly. I personally never throw away any old Forward Look part, unless it is absolutely impossible to salvage, based on an honest anaysis, even if I have to get a few opinions to find out the truth...As they say; "Once they're gone, they're gone forever... Good luck


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