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Re: does 383 intake fit on 318?

From: Arthur Ash III
Remote Name:
Date: March 20, 2003


Billy, in response, it is in fact an original dual quad intake. The previous owner paid over $1000 for it and the oval air cleaners. The number on the top is 1822004 which I'm pretty sure is the number for that intake. The crack is on the bottom of the intake near the front. I cannot see through it but there are several hairline cracks as well as some warpage. It's not severe. I'm definitely not going to throw it away because I know how rare they are. But I'm only 17 with not a lot of money and I was just wondering if there was something else I could put on in the meantime but I guess you Billy or anyone else have an opinion of how much it would cost to have this done? like I said it's not severe but there are definitely 3-4 small cracks and some warpage. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks, Arthur


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