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Re: harmonic balancer help needed

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: March 21, 2003


I hope the following helps. First of all, I installed a N.O.S. harmonic balancer on my '59 230 some years ago. I installed it carefully without any pounding and with no pressure on the outer ring. But the rubber had aged on the shelf and last summer, it came apart, just like the original and another used one. I sent it to the Damper Dudes in California and they rebuilt it with an epoxy instead of the original type rubber ring. It cost about $160.00 versus about $100.00 for a N.O.S. one. I drive my '59 about one hundred miles per week, often more. The rebuilt balancer hasn't given any trouble and the timing mark is where it's supposed to be. This is nothing to fool around with (i.e., cheap solutions.) The outer ring will slip the fan belt in no time flat. It will be propelled by the hub.If it hits the fan or block, it can be bounced through an inner fender, through the battery case, through the radiator or put a nasty bump in the hood.


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