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Re: 57 chrysler saratoga

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: March 21, 2003


The blocks are pretty much the same. The pistons are different as the poly has offset intake valve reliefs, but may still work as the poly cam is not real extreme lift. You can put the Hemi heads on the Spitfire block. Make sure the pushrods have clearance through the pushrod hole openings. If they are the same as the New Yorker block, then you are fine. Otherwise, you will need to grind clearance. Transfer the heads, headbolts, and intake and exhaust manifolds. If you are rebuilding, maybe even the camshaft and lifters from the the New Yorker. Possibly even the pistons if the bore is the same size (eg: not overbored on one versus the other, or needing an overbore that will render the hemi's pistons undersized). Use a 354 hemi full gasket set, as the exhaust manifold gaskets are different. Transfer the hemi's distributor. It goes with the hemi's Compression Ratio, which I believe is a quarter point higher than the Spitfire's. That is it, except save the orphan crank and rods as spares.


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