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Re: Brake bleeding=insanity

From: Larry H
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Date: March 21, 2003


I had a similar problem bleeding the origanl type brakes on my 60 Desoto. Could not get all the air out of the system. I went and got a 25-30 foot piece of clear vynil tubing that fit tight over the bleeder screw and ran it back into the top of the master cylinder. I left that bleeder screw slighty open and pumped the brakes probably 50 to 75 times with slow steady pumps. I did this for all four wheels and it worked. You can buy this tubing at almost every hardware or home repair type place. It's cheap, I think it cost me $5 or $6. It worked for me. I am right now in the process of swapping to a Cuda rearend with the later model rear brakes and next week I will be doing the AAJ brake conversion on the front. I still have my tubing if I have a problem bleeding these but it shouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps. Also for what it's worth on the old style brakes my Desoto's service manual says to back the brake adjustment off slightly or you will not be able to get all the air out of the wheel cyls.. Hope this helps you.


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