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1956 Dodge Tranny swap-from automatic to manual

From: Josh
Remote Name:
Date: March 23, 2003


I'm trying to put a manual transmission from a 54 dodge into my 56. I have a 1954 241ci hemi and this is what I've done so far. I bolted the bell housing from the tranny on, then I bolted on the flywheel, then the clutch and the pressure plate. When trying to get the tranny slid in, we're being stopped about 1/2inch short of all the way in. I found a plate that was bolted on from my old tranny, and this seems to be the correct amount of distance we need to make up, it looks like it goes between the tranny and the bell housing. The problem with this is that if we put this in there I dont' think the starter or flywheel will be able to be bolted in. HELP!!:) I can email pics of the items I'm talking about. Thanks for any help, I'm ready to pull hair out:)


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