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Re: aaj brakes: super deluxe or deluxe (show support for our troo...

From: Scott
Remote Name:
Date: March 25, 2003


The AAJ kit installed very easy on my 57 Dodge. I bought the adapter brackets and sourced the rest locally. Had a few problems with the local parts guy ordering the wrong parts. When I got the correct pieces, everything went together quickly. I have the good fortune of having a California car, so none of the fasetners were frozen with rust. I did it in one afternoon last fall, and remember spending more time scraping 50 years of crud than actual installation time. One item that I found on my car was the rough ends on the lower control arm strut rods interfering with the AAJ brackets. The result would be an increased turning circle. The strut rod has an ugly form on the end, 5 minutes with the grinder cleaned up both sides. As soon as I fix the blown head gasket, and ma nature cleans the salt off the roads, I'll road test the fin-mobile.


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