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56 Dodge 270 POLY Valve Train 'Study'

From: Sherman D. Taffel
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Date: March 26, 2003


Hi All! Got the engine running on this new aquisition, and visual revealed lots of 'tar' all over the rockers. Cleaned up the rocker arm weep holes with Carb & Fuel injector cleaners & use of same in carb got the engine to run pretty good (no more backfiring or 'popping on acceleration). Docile enough to drive up on ramps for oil & filter change. Filled with Hydraulic fluid and took for a run. Oil pressure now 'varies' with engine speed (Good Oil Pressure), and engine now runs smoothly at all speeds. Getting flowing oil from center rocker arm weep holes, but are there a 'oil holes'in the rocker arms where the pushrods 'seat in the rockers on these engines? That is, do the 'tappets' at the bottom of the pushrods, get lubed from oil flowing down the pushrods to the top of the block where the pushrods meet the lifters working off the cam, or is there an internal block lubrication channel for the lifters? I'm trying to figure out if there are any internal oil flow 'channels' that might be clogged. Also anyone know if these are hydraulic lifters in the POLY 270? All valves are 'working' compression is good 115-120 on 7 cyl;#8 gives 60# BUT spark plug is now burning 'proper tan'. Maybe rings 'just 'lined up'??? Good spark difference when checking each cylinder. Car has 66,351 miles. Put 49 on it Sunday, 20 after hydraulic oil, and hydraulic oil still 'somewhat clean. The longer the hydraulic 'soaks- the smoother she's running so I am hoping further improvement with 'running'. I'm trying to see if I can reduce the 'clatter' by better lubrication, and figure out if there are lubrication supply 'problems', as I Still have lots of valve clatter. Before I resort to pulling the entire rocker train for parts bin clean-up, want to try the 'Needs a good run trial, but don't want to do any 'damage'. Sherman Columbia MD 410-302-3930


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