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Call me crazy, But...

From: Nathan D. Manning
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Date: March 27, 2003


I'd drive it. I wouldn't BUY it... I wouldn't MAKE it... But I would drive and enjoy it if it were mine. I know this comment will likely spark a multitude of hate mail and purist persecution. Nonetheless, I'll go out on a limb and say the creator obviously has some kind of vision. If it weren't for a similar vision, Ex would never have strayed from the Status Quo to transform the soul of the American automobile industry. I've never been a big fan of Boyd Coddington's monstrosities... or even Barris' wildly customized machines. Still, I can look at them and appreciate the "artist's" courage and ambition to break free of what is considered "normal" by others. The bottom line is this: The creator was obviously inspired by the Saratoga... That in itself speaks volumes for the captivating styles, sweeping fins, and ForwardLook FINesse we've all come to admire. Drive your dream. -Nathan Manning (1956 Coronet/1959 Royal)


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