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That car has NO trunklid!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: March 27, 2003


Whomever it was that did this car filled over the entire trunklid area, so now you can't use the trunk! There was a much better kustom '57 Chrysler coupe built around 1958 that's on the cover of a book ("Custom Cars of the 1950's", if I'm right) which had a chop top, but not nearly this low and otherwise kept the stock roof line (which is perfect, if you ask me!) Chrysler did make that Dart fastback show car in the late '50's, but I think a fastback kustom could have been made a lot better than this (wraparound rear window, new trunklid and the STOCK tail lights!). They cut corners by using a flat rear window and filling over the trunklid, which REALLY hurts this car in the looks department (if you ask me!). So when's someone going to replicate the '57 Plymouth Cabaņa 4-door hardtop wagon concept car?


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