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Only pre-1962 V8's will work with the original transmission

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: March 28, 2003


Due to the fact that all V8 crankshaft flanges changed in 1962, you can only use pre-1962 Mopar V8 engines with your original transmission. The easiest engine swap would be a 392 Hemi, this would bolt right in where your 354 is now (and bolt to your transmission). A '58-'61 B-RB (350,361,383,413) V8 would also work if you can get the '58-'61 B-engine transmission bellhousing with it and change your transmission to that bellhousing. Using a '62-up Mopar V8 engine will require a '62-up transmission as well. A '62-'64 Torqueflite 727 pushbutton automatic transmission will work with '56-'61 Torqueflite dashboard pushbuttons.


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