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Still insane

From: Kelly
Email: 325
Remote Name:
Date: April 01, 2003


Hey guys. I macguyvered a power bleeder using a 1/2 cutting board cut to the size of my M/C, and threaded the chuck from my air compressor on it. The brakes are all bled (HOORAY!) but the stop lights don't work. I can put pressure on the front resivior, and they work, but the farther the pedal travels, they switch back off! I think that there is still a malevolent air bubble lurking by the front piston that refuses to unlodge itself, and or I need to adjust my pedal. I wouldn't take getting this thing bled some mechanic as an option! This thing stops good, despite the kinks that aren't ironed out. Now, I just need Roger @ AAJ or SOMEBODY else on this message board (hint, hint, Hank!) to figure out a rear disc setup. ( I think I have one figured out, but it requires taking the press-on hub off of the rear drums.) Anyways, that my insanity trip for now. kelly


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