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Re: Customized Forwards

From: Eric
Remote Name:
Date: April 04, 2003


Great pics of the 59, these are one of the most interesting design forwardlook cars, you can do allmost anything and they will still look great, for example a freind of mine had a very, very rusty wreck sitting in his back yard for the last 20 years and he just couldn't through it away, so he is currently changing the body heaps, to start with 4 door to 2 door, chopped, raised fins, one extra tail light (3 each side, bumper of a 60 with the holes for the lights altered to exhaust pipes, dummy spare wheel in centre of the boot lid and the list keeps going on and on, He's spent two years so far and expects to take another 5 years yet, this car looks fantastic now I look frward to seeing it finished.


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