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True, but.....

From: Kenny J.
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Date: April 06, 2003


Thanks for the tip, Sid. I called Bernbaum first and I was told they were out for my application. Other places quoted between $250 and $300 for a complete U-joint assembly. My housing was worn internally and my shaft had a couple of dents in the tube. I had a terrible vibration between 35 and 50mph, limiting me to back roads. The three hundred, though seemingly high to some readers of this forum, was for an entire driveshft, including both yokes, the U-joints and the adapter. Most of the cost was for labor. We have one of the highest labor rates in the country, so ya jus' gotta pay the man. I could have sent the old shaft to a place in Michigan where they would have done it for $150- $175, but with shipping both ways, a two week turn around time and needing a rental car for two weeks, the $300 and one day service was a bargain. There is no bus service between my house and job. So do the math. This is part of the price one pays for depending on a forty four year old car as transportation. Plus, I'll make for it by being able to buy late model "standard" U-joints when mine eventually wear out.


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